Heat the Graduation Party with Kitty Cat Now

Graduation is a time of new beginnings, entering the adult world, and becoming your person. Planning your graduation party invDenver with a little spice is one sure way to let the world know you have arrived. Before you hire just any stripper, let Kitty Cat Now Denver show you what they offer in the world of adult entertainment.

Kitty Cat Now will help you plan the perfect graduation party. From reviewing the venue to deciding who to invite and what theme to choose, you can count on their experience to help you plan an epic party.

Who to Invite

Once you have decided to have an adult-themed graduation party, you need to go over the guest list. This is probably not a graduation party you would invite grandma to; on the other hand, your Uncle Bob might be game.

Consider each person’s personality before inviting them. It’s okay to let them know in advance that you will have adult entertainment with nudity. That way, they can decide for themselves if they want to attend.

Party Theme

It’s graduation time, and what could be better than prim and proper school girls getting down dirty for you and your guests? Kitty Cat Now entertainers can make this fantasy a reality. Your performers will arrive dressed like the schoolgirl next door and proceed to become the naughty schoolgirl of your dreams. How far the nudity goes can be discussed during your planning with the Kitty Cat Now team.


You have a theme and the guest list; now you need a location. First, you need to make sure the venue you choose allows strippers. If it is a private home, the only thing to ensure is that the neighbors can’t see inside, or if it’s in the backyard, make sure there is a privacy fence. That being said, you should ensure the homeowner knows you are having adult entertainment if it’s not your home.

If the location is a problem, talk to the team at Kitty Cat Now. They know all the best spots that allow strippers to perform and can help you find the right location.

Once in a Lifetime

Most people only graduate once, unless they pursue an advanced degree. When you want to make sure your graduation party will be remembered, call Kitty Cat Now Denver  and hire the best adult entertainers in the industry.

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