Take Advantage Of The Ultimate Sunday Funday With Sensationally Sexy Strippers

Take advantage of the Ultimate Sunday Funday in Denver with Sensationally Sexy Strippers! Why do we allow Friday and Saturday to take all the glory of the weekend? Sunday is typically the day of rest before we begin our week but we mustn’t discount that Sunday is the true beginning of the week! When you have an enticing Sunday it starts your week off on a much better note enabling far more productive results. With the aid of Kitty Cat Now Denver you can take full advantage of an excellent opportunity. If you have a few stragglers left over from the night before or simply had already invited some of the guys over for Sunday festivities. We humbly advise you to not look a gift horse in the mouth when the opportunity for victory presents itself.

Sunday Sunday Sunday Is The New Fun Day

Got a case of the Sunday Scaries? spice up your Sunday with a Sensational Strip Show! Create your ultimate vibe. Why are you sitting on the sidelines questioning if you’re ready for your own enticing amusement? It’s no coincidence you enjoy beautiful extravagant gestures and thereby enchanting Exotic Dancers! The bracing exertion of their mesmerizing Erotic Show will truly cure all that vexes you, enabling your week to start off on the best possible note.

Whether You’re Hitting The Gym Or The Snooze Button Get Your Morning Started Off Right With Kitty Cat Now

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which is far more exciting when it’s prepared by our lovely Kitty Cat Strippers™! Beat the breakfast crowd and have the girls cook breakfast for you! Either the Boobs & Bacon (2 Girls) or Tits & Toast (1 Girl) begins with the Girls cooking the most important meal of the day completely Topless! We do ask that you keep in mind they’re merely Exotic Dancers, not Michelin Star chefs. They can create a simple yet sumptuous breakfast. It’s essentially having the ultimate Eye Candy for breakfast! The only caveat is we ask that you supply all the cookery, ingredients, and appliances needed to prepare the meal. After you finish your breakfast the girls will put on a riveting Erotic show guaranteed to get your Sunday started on a high note! Give us a call or Book Online today!

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