The Do’s & Don’ts Of Planning Your Denver Bachelor Party

Kitty Cat Now unveils the ultimate hack for your Denver Bachelor Party. We’re constantly hearing all sorts of interesting questions we would have never thought to ask. The entire idea of a Bachelor Party can be relatively mysterious but Kitty Cat Now is hear to answer any of your burning questions. Hopefully by going into a bit more detail to take all the mystery out of planning the Perfect Bachelor Party for you and your friends! We provide fun and Sexy Parties to stimulate and titillate your Wildest Fantasies. To help serve you better we’ve incorporated a list of Great Do’s and Don’ts for your Bachelor Party!

The Do’s & Don’ts

Do: Call or Book Online ahead of time to ensure you get the perfect option for your party!

Don’t: Don’t Book Strippers without seeing their pictures first!
(Kitty Cat Now always provides you with candid and professional pictures of our Exotic Dancers so you know exactly who is showing up to your party!)

Do: Do have a stockpile of extra cash to tip the girls!

Don’t: Don’t book if the girls don’t do hands-on Lap Dances
(Kitty Cat Now allows your hands to roam, allowing you to politely caress the upper portion of our beautiful Exotic Dancers)

Do: Participate in all the Erotic Games and Parlor tricks our Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers have to offer to get your whole crew in on all the fun and games!

Don’t: Don’t fall for the Bait & Swing
Get the exact entertainers featured in their pictures and profiles!

Do: Do be open to sharing!
We know you love hoarding all the strippers for yourself but this is the occasion to let everyone have a mesmerizing lap Dance! Don’t box yourself in, share in the excitement of your strippers with all your friends!

Don’t: Don’t be a single sally make sure you have a couple of friends over before you give us a call. Typically you need at least 5 or more guys for the perfect party!

Do: Compliment the Girls on how extraordinary they look tonight!

Don’t: Don’t do it later Do it Kitty Cat Now!

We hope this little synopsis has helped with any burning questions or concerns you may have. Kitty Cat Now wants to ensure we do everything in our power to provide you with a Bachelor Party out of your Wildest Fantasies! A heart-racing scintillating experience you and your friends will still be speaking about for years to come! A party with Kitty Cat Now is one you can truly be proud of! Give us a call or Book Online today!

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